Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Early Work Mercantile update tonight

WOW, It has been while since I have posted here. I am sorry for that. A lot of stuff going on here at home and so I haven't spent much time on line.

Tonight is the first of the months update at Early Work Mercantile for the month Of August. Miss Hetty above will be there and If you get chance pop on over for a visit she will love it. Hetty is my second hand carved wooden ( with a layer of clay around her head and shoulders) I am offering there. She was a lot of fun to make and we had much fun trying to pick out just the right piece of fabric. Hetty really is a humble little creature, but just a little fussy on the fabric. I wanted to go frilly frilly and she just would not go for that. I have to add might I think the lady was right. 
I hope the summer has been enjoyable for most of you, have a wonderful evening and 
God Bless,


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