Sunday, June 13, 2010

Libby in Austin Style and Humble Beginnings

This is Libby, she is dressed in Austin style. She will be at The Primitive Gathering tomorrow night. I hope you can join her their and check out all the other WONDERFUL Artisans.
I thought you might enjoy seeing the humble beginnings of a doll maker. These dolls are some of the first cloth and mache dolls I have ever made.
I started my doll making in 1991, but I did not start doing cloth and mache dolls until 1993. I was inspired by Gail Wilson's Primitive Molded Doll kit.
These dolls have been living with one of my sisters for the past seventeens years.
This is Mary, Her title is, A time to Quilt, She about 14" tall. She was made in 1993.

This is Emily, her title is A time to gather, She also is about 14" tall and was made in 1993.

This is my very first large cloth and mache doll made in 1994 and she is 24" tall, and I did not name her, Not sure why. She was inspired by the antique paper mache head dolls Greiner and Superior dolls. I used to make a lot of these large dolls and the smaller dolls.
I made my first Queen Anne doll in 1997 after seeing one in book about antique dolls. I was looking for inspiration and I fond one that would stick with me and continue to influence me today. The doll I saw was made with a wooden hands and legs, but had a paper mache head and torso.
I still have my very first Queen Anne doll but she lives with my other sister and as soon as I can I will post pictures of her.

A Closer look at her face.
Enjoy!!! and God Bless!!!