Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little Snowball

Meet little Snowball, she is coming to Simply Primitives on December 1st. She is a little pin you can wear. She is a whopping 5 3/4" tall and is dressed in antique lace. I hope you will enjoy her, She brings big smiles to my face every time I look at her. God Bless and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright

Eight Miles down the road from me is Frank Lloyd Wrights Taliesin,it was his summer home. I drive by it at least six to eight times a month on my way to and from Dodgeville to do grocery shopping. Last weekend I stopped to take some photos just to show you some of the wonderful sites and views that surround me. My favorite is his barn, I do not think that there is or every will be a barn equal to this barn, it is awesome at least in my opinion. My best friend Patty from grade school, her father milked and cared for the cows for Mr Wright when he was a live, along with a few other gentlemen. Frank used to be buried closed to his Taliesin but his last wife had him moved to Arizona to the Taliesin west to be buried next to her. I was fortunate to have visited his grave before he was moved. I meet his last wife several times when I worked at the American Players Theatre.It was the summer before entering my senior year in high school and as fragile as she was, she would always walk up with assistance to pick up her own tickets ( she always arrive in a very big and long black limousine). Well enough rambling and here are the pictures, Enjoy, Julie

Franks beautiful milking barn.Can you see those neat looking silos?
The barn is really massive and any pictures I take will never do it justice. I also should add in case you can't tell by the pictures, it is built into the hillside.
Some photos of the Taliesin. If I thought the barn was massive, compared to the Taliesin it is a peanut. I just could not get very good photos fo this place, trees everywhere. Trust me this place goes on and on and on. Here is a side view of one of the walk ways that lead from the house. There are many.