Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lumina- A Doll to Fall For

Meet Lumina, I just got done listing her on ebay today. She is a beauty as pumpkin dolls go. She is quite spirited and fun loving and enjoys all the wonders of fall. She is all dressed up in her fall splender. She has very small glass seed bead eyes and she is an original and one of a kind. All my dolls are hand made and hand molded by me. They give me great joy in making them.Lumina is the only harvest doll I am going to get a chance to work on. I have two more dolls I will be listing this year and than I'm done until next year. I have christmas presents to finish so I must get going on that. I have got to go now, so I will write soon.God Bless, JulieA close up of Lumina and her hat , don't tell any one but I think she took it from the scarecrow in the garden.

Lumina in her very own hand made storage box.

Lumina Sunning her feet in the garden.

Lumina is on her way to fill her basket with the delights of the season.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Emma - "A Time To Weep"

I just got done listing Emma on ebay today. Emma is a part of my mourning doll series and the seasons of life. I started making mourning doll seven years ago after the death of my father and sister-in -law. both died in less than amonth from each other from tragic car accidents.Some look at them as sad dolls,but to me they represent a season to life we all share. It is the one true bond that we as human can relate to. We can feel each others pain and sorrow and loss. I am blessed with the love and wisdom that my father gave and many happy memories.So for some they may be sad dolls but for me they are simply beautifuland kindred spirits.
God Bless

Beautiful Emma weeps for the loss of a dear loved one.