Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just A peek

Here is just a little peek of one of the ladies I am working on for my Valentines Day update. I will show more of the ladies as they get closer to getting done.
God Bless!!!!!


Penelope's Beehive said...

Such a tease...I very much look forward to meeting your fine young ladyes!
Warm hugs to you...Judy

phylliso said...

She is going to be so lovely!Thanks for encouraging me with Simba,he is doing alright now.I believe he fell from the bathroom sink where I have his dish so the dogs don`t get his food, in the seizure hurt his toe.He still is limping some,but is up & down off everything again.
Can`t wait to see your finished doll,phylliso

The French Bear said...

She looks so pretty...can't wait!!! Still no parcel, hope it isn't lost...I am so anxious for her to come!!!!
Margaret B

OldeTimeDolls said...

Such a beautiful face, you are so talented Julie, :)hugs from Vermont.

rainy sundays dolls said...

Wow, what gorgeous eye's she has, i see tons of references , pictures and paintings with the Queen Anne style dolls in here in the UK.
I make rag dolls and come up with a jointed pattern for a rag doll in their style, just need to be brave enough now lol, any advice?
Keep these little treasures coming!

Jean said...


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

With a hint of innocence she is but a beauty and we shall await her completion to gaze into those dark, lovely eyes...
Susan x