Saturday, May 31, 2014

Early Work Mercantile

Happy June!!! I can't believe I am writing that but it is true. Even though the winter was long,were did the time go. We are still working in the garden and I haven't finished my spring cleaning. I even have weeds that still need pulling. Usually we have everything done before Memorial weekend. I am hoping to get everything finished in the next week.
  I do not have an update tonight but I just wanted to let you know early work mercantile is no longer .com. The new address is . So if you were having problems finding E.W.M. that is the reason why. So if you have some time head on over and check out all the wonderful treasures being offered there.
  Have a happy June my friends and God Bless,

my recent stitching finishes,A friend Loves needle roll,
by The Pinkeep and Two Hares marking sampler box and 
pincushion, by Pineberry Lane. 


Chip Butter said...

There seems to be no such thing as being finished with gardening...

Your stitching pieces are gorgeous! Will check out early work. Thanks

Julie said...

LOL!!! Mary, you are right gardening is never ending.

Elisabetta said...

I love your finishing Pineberry is one of my favorite designer!!!