Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Court Of Queen Anne's

It is not to often I am in the company of many fine ladies. The chatter around here is quite unbelieveable. We hear psst here and Psst there.They are having fun and living it up before each one finds a new home.

Three of the ladies are at Doll Town tonight, and three at Early Work mercantile.I hope if you get a chance you will stop in for a visit at each site, and while you are there check out all the other wonderful offerings.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit here.

Have a wonderful evening and

God Bless,



Joanna said...

Really incredible work!
Your dolls are beautiful!

Kathie Ruffner said...

They are all beautiful on their own, but as a group, breathtaking.

Cherie's Sewing Corner said...

These dolls are wonderful!

Lisa said...


Your dolls are so gorgeous! They look so nice all together.

Daryle and Katie said...

Julie... they are, each one, little gifts of "perfection!" Daryle