Saturday, December 5, 2009


Three of my great nieces and nephew. Macaiah, Javin, and Nahaila, and lets not forget Mr Piper coming out of the tree!!!!
I just thought I should add to the post a little information about about the wee ones.
Macaiah is just turn one and is not quite sure what I was up to. She is going to be a tall lady when she grows up. The doctors say over six feet. Her brother Javin, who is only three but the size of a second grader will be 6'6'' to 7' feet tall when he is done growing. Then we have Nahaila. She will be two on January first. She is our New Years baby, and is tiny for her age. I think her cousins took all the height. But do not let her little size fool you. This little lady can whip her big cousin Javin at times. You would think they where brother and sister . They are my brother's grand children and oooh what fun they are!!!
Then we have Mr. Piper, who can out last the enegizer bunny any day of the year, and yes he really is coming out of the tree.


Janice Moore-Petty said...

How cutey-wutie!! The cat peeking out makes me want to giggle!

Doreen said...

What sweethearts..and what wonderful names!!!!


Suzanne said...

They are adorable Julie! What a precious bunch.
So, Mr. Piper is IN the tree?? :)
Too cute!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh sweet babes they are.

I love your kitty too.
May you have the MERRIEST Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a photo of Julie Bailey


aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Julie:
I love your dolls. Your 3 great nieces and nephew are so beautiful!!!
The eyes are truly windows to their beautiful souls.
The kitty is cute too : )
Have a very Merry Christmas; yet is is so easy with children around : )