Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming to Simply Primitives

Meet Miss Lucy, She is coming to Simply Primitives August 1st. www.simplyprimitives.com Enjoy!!

It has been a busy summer for me and all most two weeks ago my computer decided it wanted to go to that big JUNK pile in the sky (if there is such a place for junk). But anyway, I will be checking my emails only once or twice a week at my sisters home. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I will also be back to visit my favorite places .

Have a most wonderful Summer day and as always GOD BLESS,



Doreen said...

Miss Lucy is fantastic!! LOVE that hat!

So sorry to hear about your computer..mines acting up as well..it needs to go in for a checkup sooonnn.

Have a wonderful day

Suzanne said...

Oh, another beauty! Miss Lucy's (love that name) bonnet is so pretty!

Sorry about your computer problems, I have a love/hate relationship with mine! Hope you get up and running soon.

lovetheprimlook said...

Julie, she is beautiful. I'm sure she will not last long !!!
I hope your computer issues are solved soon !!