Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Special Queen Anne Doll - Giveaway

It has been an exciting year for me blogging and to celebrate I am giving this young lady away to say Thank You!!!
All you have to do is just leave a comment on this post, if you do not have a blog please leave me your email address so I have a way to notify you if you are the winner.
The drawing will be held at 7:00pm central standard time on Saturday June 20th. Every ones name will go into a hat and the winning name will be drawn by one of the little folk that like to run around the farm.
So with that being said, I humbly present to you Miss Fancie!!!
Have fun and God Bless,
p.s please click on the photo's for a larger view. I also should add that Miss Fancie is 20" tall and dressed in all antique and vintage attire. She will come with her very own stand and handmade storage box. She will also come to the winner signed and dated. Enjoy!!!


Tracy said...

Dear Ms. Fancie,
We would like to extend an invitation to you for a visit to NW PA, if we are, by chance, the winner of this exciting giveaway. Our summers are warm and sweet, just a stones throw away from the beautiful Allegheny National Forest. The other girls, such as yourself, who live at this humble estate, would welcome you with open arms, and gladly show you the lay of the land. good luck to all!-Tracy

weddingmemories said...

My Dearest Miss Fancie,
It is a stifling spring here in Georgia. I'm so wishing you were here already. I believe you would love how green it is and so colorful with all the spring flowers in bloom. Hopefully you'll be able to make the trip by the end of June. It will be summer then. I will most joyfully make ready for your stay which I hope will be forever.
Looking forward to seeing you soon. Best Wishes, Penny

Gina said...

Julie, She is beautiful! I will keep my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

The French Bear said...

Oh how sweet she is, I hope it's okay that I asked to be entered!!! I know she will love to come a stay with Eliza!!! I love your dolls, fabulous work my dear!!!!
Margaret B

clothnclay said...

Miss Fancie is just stunning! Love her delicate hands. Yes, she would look devine in my parlour! Becky

michelle sylvia said...

She is absolutely STUNNING! I LOVE her. Please enter me in your drawing. I hope one of those fancy little goats picks my name. :0)

Miss Fancie, I have so many other dollies that would love to welcome you here at the Blackberry Briar. We will keep our fingers crossed and hope to meet you in person.


Betsy said...

I've been a long time admirer of your work..I'd love for this treasure to come to my home...

fingers crossed!!


Valerie H. said...

What a gorgeous doll Miss Fancie is and what a blessing to the one who wins her. My mouth is still open with the surprise of this stunning doll. What great work you do! Thanks for entering my name. Happy Anniversary Julie!
My e-mail address is: VeeChee123@msn.com
Kind regards,
Valerie H.

Theresa said...

She's beautiful Julie!!! I have my fingers crossed that she'll come live with me.... I can dream can't I. :)



Anonymous said...

Julie, Your Queen Anne Doll is esquisite.Hope i get picked as the winner. Nancy m

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Best of luck to all that leave their comments and a special thankyou to you Julie for offering such a generous gift to those of us that come to visit simply for the joy and delight of watching your creations evolve.
Miss Fancie must hold a story of inspiration in her creation and I hope you share that with us too.
xo Susan

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

First of all, how could I not comment on her? She's gorgeous!

Second of all, not ashamed to admit it, yeah, I want her! Who wouldn't?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely work, as usual, and a treat to look at, even on a screen!

Lana said...

Oh Julie ~ Miss Fancie is just perfect! Please enter my name in your generous giveaway.

Atticbabys said...

Be still my heart! Oh she is lovely Julie and I swear I heard her whisper that she wants to come live with ME!!! ;-)
How very sweet and generous of you!

Moth to a Flame Studio said...

Dear Julie,
She is stunning and oh so pretty! So delicate and sweet. Hope you and family are enjoying the summer. I love coming over to your blog for a visit.

kindest regards, Lisa

Laura said...

Fancie that! How did she get her name? She does look pretty smart and Fancie to me, Julie. How gracious of you to share her. Do you think she might like to stay in the midwest?

Laura :)

prairiegirl said...

Miss Fancie,
I live on the prairie where the lonley wind blows the tumbleweeds. I'm sure you and I would be good companions on lonley days. Come live with me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
As usual, your latest doll is a beauty! It's so kind of you to offer this generous giveaway. Please throw my name in the hat!

fiddlestixstudios said...

Oh,Gasp!What a fabulous giveaway!She would be most treasured and adored,if she decided to make her way to our home!I feel like Donkey from Shrek,bouncing in the background saying"Pick me,pick me!!!"
Seriously,though,she is just beautiful!How incredibly kind of you,to have such a generous giveaway!

Suzanne said...

Oh, Julie! Your give away gift is so very generous...of course I'd LOVE to be entered for a chance to win Miss Francie, she is just beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

phylliso said...

I love your doll,I must have it!!!Please enter me in your giveaway.I found you thru Robin`s blog & I just adore the dolls & pincushions & things you make.You inspire me to get to work on another doll myself,blessings to you,phylliso

Baggaraggs: said...


what a beautiful doll. Holy Bovine. She is Lovely. I would like to submitt my humble aplication for the drawing. LOL. Julie she is really Beautiful. Thank you so much for your Thoughtful invitation. Please tell Miss Francie that she would need to pack her swimming bloomers if she comes to the Baggaraggs. Its hot here and we would have to hit the Beach!. Thanks again and thanks also for your encouraging remarks about my Bloggy. Robin

Debra said...

I'm very glad you commented at my blog-I've not been very good about visiting hither & yon-and I would have missed the chance for this gorgeous doll!! I've had so much fun reading your comments here, and I plan to visit each blog to view the artists' work-this is nice even if I don't win-because I can see lots of beautiful dolls. See-I'm trying very hard not to appear greedy...but really, I hope I win!!!
Love, Debra

Becky said...

I've been admiring your dollies from afar, and I do so adore your work. Miss Fancie is just wonderful. I'd love to be put into your drawing, what a honor it would be to have the chance to win such beauty.


Theresa said...

She is beautiful? It would be wonderful to give her a new home.

Anonymous said...

Just love your dolls. What a beauty Ms. Fancie is! Please enter me in your wonderful drawing!
Linda H.

Patricia said...

Hello Julie, So glad I found your blog today!! What a beautiful doll!! So nice of you to share your wonderful art with some lucky person. Please add me to the list of hopefuls. Blessings, The olde doll

Anonymous said...

Julie~please add me to your generous give-away! Miss Fancie is just lovely~as is Eliza! What fun to create dolls everyday..especially ones that are as beautiful as yours!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely God-given gift you share! Your work is remarkable!
Be blessed... Daryle

Debbie A. said...

Oh what a beautiful doll and wonderul work you do!! I feel special to participate in the giveaway. Thank you so much!
Debbie at

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She is wonderful! What a beautiful work of art! I collect dolls and would love her! Your blog is great! I came here from Vermont Harvest Folk art!

Marlya said...

She's beautiful!!! I would love to enter the giveaway-- I live in Australia so I am not sure if I can enter, but either way I just wanted to post to say how beautiful your dolls are!

Heather said...

oh, really??? How wonderful! what an amazing giveaway! Do you think Fancie would like to pack her things and go on a wonderful journey to the prairie? She looks ready for adventure :)

Crossing my fingers!~

Old World Primitives said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Miss Fancie is absolutely gorgeous - what an amazing and generous giveaway! I am so excited to be posting for a chance to win her... all fingers and toes are crossed!


PattiCakes said...

As usual your doll is a masterpiece! I would love to welcome her into my home as she would be in a very special place since she is such a special girl!
I look forward to hearing from you soon! PattiCakes

Steph said...

Hello Julie!

Ms. Fancie is exceptional! How she would love to come live in our house with other dollies, I am sure! She would be most comfortable.

Julie this is an extra special give away and so generous of you to make her for this occasion.

I love her and pray that she will come live with me!

Thank you so much for entering my