Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet Rose

Here is a seek peek at Miss Rose, She will be making her debut at Simply Primitives on May 1st. She is a primitive Queen Anne style doll and she is dressed in all vintage attire tid bits.



The French Bear said...

Wow, I am amazed that this person thinks she has to judge others. I love when I find a doll that is made with vintage fabrics, it usually (I think most doll makers have brains) means they have rescued an old piece of clothing! Even if they didn't it isn't up to me to judge them, I would just look for another doll artist that does.
I love your Miss Rose!! She is just beautiful!!!

Margaret B

Suzanne said...

Finding and preserving tattered bits and pieces of fabric and trims of the past and creating something beautiful out of them is an art in itself. Plus it reserves the fabric for future generations to appreciate when it adorns a pretty doll!
I love your new doll, Julie! She is beautiful!

Lana said...

Dear Julie ~ your doll is beautiful!
I enjoy seeing our work. Thanks for sharing!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your doll is magnificent! I really appreciate your post and agree 150% with what you say.

I too, noticed that there was a discrepancy between what this particular doll artist in question tells others to do, and what she herself does. If you check her feedback on ebay, you will see these discrepancies. There is no 'disclaimer' of any sort on her listings. Nor is there a description of the condition the fabric was in when she acquired it. The most recent item in question is a doll which is dressed in antique embroidered linen.

I have never used a disclaimer in the manner which this person prescribes, but I have always mentioned from where the fabric came and the condition it was in when I received it. I presume this description to be enough to relieve any buyer of anxiety as to whether or not valuable clothing was destroyed.

I would hope that her call to boycott any doll artist who uses antique fabrics in their work was just a well meaning, impulsive gesture.

Otherwise, one could possibly conclude that a person calling for such a boycott intends to boost their own sales by discrediting other artists.

Debra said...

I am thankful for your post-I have had scraps of very old material come to me through friends and relatives. I have to admit, in my stupidity many years ago, I did cut some wool cloth-but I now use all the scraps from that-but I sure wish I had never done it!

I love your new doll. You are a real artist--a true craftsperson with much skill. I feel very honored to know you.
Love, Debra

Lana said...

Gee..... I meant to say that I enjoy seeing YOUR work! Pardon my typos please, lol!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I'm going to give my opinion on this topic.
I am a vintage, antique textile appraiser, quilts and cottons being my specialty.I document the threads, types of dyes and prints in order to date the said fabrics.I work for an auctioneer for estate auctions and do museum acquisitions.
That said there are pieces of fabric; documents that must be preserved for future study.
There are also an abundance of garments, fabrics, lace... tucked away in trunks, attics and basements that have long outlived their purpose and will eventually rot and succumb to their environment.It would be sinful and disrespectful to the original creator to allow such a thing.
Using pieces from the past to add a touch of history and beauty to a doll or other work of art is perfectly acceptable.
One should not feel guilt or inhibited by this use. When in doubt consult a professional before cutting.
So get out those needles and threads ladies and sew on...
Your dollie is beautiful!

Rachael Kinnison said...

HI Julie~
Your dollye is beautiful as ever~ such a cunning expression!!
I would like to address some points you bring up(it would have been nice for you to comment on my blog's post, for fairness that I could reply) about my dolly making. Firstly, my auctions that are refered to that do not have a disclaimer, were sold BEFORE I wrote the cutting post, to which I felt this subject needed to be addressed~ the cutting of GOOD EARLY INTACT CLOTHING. I have always said, by all means use bits that are found~ for what greater an honor than to be made up into something beautiful!
And honestly, this quote in the comments here
"Otherwise, one could possibly conclude that a person calling for such a boycott intends to boost their own sales by discrediting other artists." could not be farther from the truth. I have never discredited anyone on my blog, nor do I EVER intend on doing so. I wish anyone, and everyone the best in their sales. The antique fragments that I have chosen to use in my dolls, are exactly that, remnants and wee little precious bits, including the c1820 toile.
kindest, rachael kinnison

Anonymous said...

Julie, your dolls are lovely! what a wonderful gift you have! Blessings~Kathy

michelle sylvia said...

I LOVE this doll.....She is SUPERB and Fabulous!!!!!

Big Hugs,

Heather said...

I love this doll. and the debate about fabrics to use and not use is a hot one. Luckily for me, its not one I have to deal with in painting! However, all the photo images I use are scans because I cant stand the idea of using a real photo in one painting...better to use a copy multiple times if I feel the need! Im glad that old worn out and rotting clothes do get a second life with dolls if the alternative is being thrown out...that would just be sad!

Kipik said...

Yes! Self righteousness pleagues Americdan culture in general, that really spoils sometimes all the goodness hiding behind. It comes from not trusting the others to be as smart as we are, not allowing one to make a mistake, not allowing others to see the world diferently. I think that if even a very old piece of antique material is used very skillfully and beautifuly on a doll rather than disapear in a museum drawer for ever, the world is not the worse for it. There isn't necessary a "rule" you can "apply" to such issue. Just using good jugement and trusting people to do the same... and remember that "dissolution is inherent to all formation" ...that's my 2 cents! ... I adore the little pink bonnet!!! so wonderful!