Sunday, October 12, 2008


Elizabeth's stockings. You are seeing correct, she does have runs in her stockings. I just love this look. I don't know why but I do.

A close up of Elizabeth.

and Elizabeths back sideA close up of Elizabeth's hair.

Meet Elizabeth, I just listed her on eBay tonight. She is the last mourning doll for 2008. Her dress is made from antique black lace that is absolutely gorgeous. I just love the way she turn out.
I am starting to work on some winter dolls now. I have a couple of snow women I am hoping to get done this week. I've learned not to plan to much because real life has a way of changing that. Especially right now, I am getting everything ready for a long snowy and cold winter. I actually love that time of the year. I get more time to work on the things that I love doing. Well, I better be going, god bless, Julie


Debra said...

I was so tickled to see you had a new post! Such a lovely doll, and I love her 'runned' stocking also. She must have other things on her mind-not paying attention to her stockings...
I love the winter for the same reason-it seems the time of year for everyone to go to their little hole, and warm up the kitchen with gingerbread and tea.
I love that lace too-You do exceptional work-I am awed by it.
Love, Debra

Debra said...
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Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh Julie, your dolls are so charming. They remind me of my favorite childhood book, "The Best Loved Doll". Have you ever read it?

So glad I stopped by.